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Solidarity Federation

Direct Action Magazine


Education Workers Network

International Workers Association (IWA-AIT)

Solidarity Federation – Locals

Brighton SolFed
Liverpool SolFed

Manchester and the north-west

Indymedia Manchester

Website of the Manchester group of the Anarchist Federation which also also has archives of the libertarian socialist group Solidarity and the council communist groups Subversion and Wildcat.

Liverpool Antifascists
A group fighting fascism at the other end of the East Lancs

MULE is a Manchester based non-profit independent media project, looking to promote social justice by getting out the news and views you won’t find elsewhere, from the rainy city and beyond!


Anarchist Federation
Class struggle anarchists (based in Britain and Ireland) aiming to abolish capitalism and all oppression to create a free and equal society – anarchist-communism.

Anarchist group active mainly in Belfast, publish the amazing quarterly tabloid paper The Leveller. More of their stuff is  available on is a resource for all people who wish to fight to improve their lives, their communities and their working conditions. We want to discuss, learn from successes and failures of the past and develop strategies to increase the power we, as ordinary people, have over our own lives.

AK Press
Collectively owned and operated independent publisher and book distributor that specialises in radical and anarchist literature.

Simon Jones Memorial Campaign (anti-casualisation)
24 year old Simon Jones was killed on his first day as a casual worker at Euromin’s Shoreham dock, his head crushed by the grab of a crane. Soon after Simon’s death his friends and family set up the Simon Jones Memorial Campaign to fight for the truth about Simon’s death to be revealed and to challenge the profits-before-people set up that killed him.

National Shop Stewards Network
Rebuild the strength of the working-class movement from the bottom up by creating local, regional and national networks of elected reps and shop stewards.

An Anarchist FAQ
Promotes anarchist theory and ideas by answering frequently asked questions, such as What is anarchism? and What is anarchosyndicalism?.